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Vision and Goal

The vision of Men’s RoundTable is to provide a safe environment for men to pursue spiritual, emotional, and relational growth.  We offer a weekly forum that addresses relevant topics in a dynamic interactive style through the use of music, video, discussion, and lecture.
Our goal is to offer men a relational environment for:
  1. Inspiration – to breathe in, to draw into the lungs, to have an animating effect upon, to stimulate or impel to some creative or effective effort, to cause, guide, communicate, or motivate by divine influence. 
    - Synonyms: motivate, fire, spark, stimulate, rouse, kindle, revelation.
  2. Instruction - to communicate knowledge to; teach; to give directions. 
    - Synonyms: guidance, preparation, educate, to inform.
  3. Insight - the ability to see and understand clearly the inner nature of things. 
    - Synonyms: deep perception, discernment, divination, sageness, understanding, vision, wisdom